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The Vineyards

Klein Sering meaning “Small Syringa” gets its name from the original Koen family farm called Sering, and it is a fitting tribute to their memories and history. Close to the ocean, Klein Sering is situated in the tranquil Noordhoek Valley, on what used to be part of the original De Goede Hoop farm, once the most prolific growing area in the Cape Peninsula. And it is not hard to see why Nature has been good to the land here. The cool sea breezes gently fan the vineyards allowing a long slow ripening of the grapes.The soil is rich and fertile and naturally high in minerals and water. the terroir is unique and perfectly suited for the creation of premium quality Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon cultivars.

The wine master

“This unwooded blend of 56% Sauvignon Blanc and 44% Semillon has a bouquet of greener flavours such as grapefruit, capsicum and lemon through to riper flavours, including yellow gooseberry, melon and passionfruit. The palate excites.The Sauvignon Blanc gives a pure, racy sensation with flinty minerality and a wet-stone element, while the Semillon rounds it our adding weight and texture. The fruit promise of the nose fills the mouth. There is an enticing salty tang from the Noordhoek sea breezes. the acidity is clean and refreshing. A wine to drink now or in the next two to three years,although it will develop interesting nuanses if aged for longer. Enjoy with oysters, freshly caught fish grilled with lemon butter, summer salads with smoked salmon, asparagus, avocado and freshly baked crusty bread, poultry with creamy white sauces”

Allan Mullins - Cape Wine Master

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